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Meet Alex Nairn Lead Physiotherapist

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Home » About Us » Meet the Team » Meet Alex Nairn

Meet Alex

Hi, I’m Alex Lead Physiotherapist and co-founder of Health by Science. I started my journey into health, fitness and rehabilitation through a professional career in football. I left school at 16 to pursue a career in football, but then completed 7 years of further study. During that time, I became interested in pain management and how to best help people through it.

I’ve been working in the fitness and health industries for many years now, and love nothing more than helping people improve their health – one single leg kettlebell snatch at a time! When I’m not improving people’s health, you’ll find me chopping wood or lifting cows in Sweden – my mother’s native country!

alex nairn lead physiotherapist edinburgh
alex nairn lead physiotherapist


MSc Physiotherapy, Napier University

BSc Sports and Exercise Science, Napier University

Body Type Nutrition Academy Coach

About Me

Here’s a picture of me playing football professionally, for what I thought was going to be a long and fruitful career.

Unfortunately, a broken foot changed all that.
Now, I wish I could say it was the broken foot that stopped my career, but my average ability was the more likely answer.

However, the broken foot did offer me something else: Physiotherapy. It was through the process of rehabbing my foot that I realised how strong and robust the body can become.

But after focusing more on my health habits including exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress, I’m now able to manage the symptoms and live a great quality of life.

You may not realise it but taking the time to invest in your exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress habits are the main areas you need to be mindful of to live your best life.

That’s why I love offering Physiotherapy with this holistic approach because it’s one of the best ways to help improve your pain and ultimately your health and wellbeing.

Physiotherapy is much more than a 45min appointment talking about pain and doing a little bit of exercise. It’s a way to change a person’s behaviour to not only get them back to their best but even push beyond their best!

alex nairn physiotherapist edinburgh

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