Personal Training in Edinburgh

Lose Fat, Get Stronger and Feel Better – or Your Money Back

One-to-One Personal Training

£50 per hour with 10% discount for block bookings

  • Private gym with shower facilities
  • Receive your personalised evidence-based nutrition plan.
  • Receive a comprehensive movement assessment.
  • Train with a friend and pay just £30 each.
  • One-off programme design for £60


Get results – with a method that’s right for YOU

We get results – fat loss, improving strength and increasing muscle mass.

For fat loss – with the right nutrition coaching, a personalised exercise programme and accountability – you can expect to lose 0.5% of your body weight each week.

By helping them to look, feel and perform to their best potential, we have clients achieving personal bests in strength and fitness every single week,

Using highly proven coaching systems, we guarantee our members great sessions and great results! And if you’re not satisfied with the results we will give you your money back.

Seriously, try the leading personal trainers in Edinburgh, if you follow our guidance and advice and the results don’t meet your expectations we will refund you.


Edinburgh’s World-class coaching systems

The success we’ve achieved with our clients has been possible because, through our science-based approach, we’ve helped them to find a long-term set of sustainable dietary habits based on improving body composition, health and performance.

What underpins our world-class coaching systems?

During your initial consultation, a Health by Science trainer will assess your strengths and weaknesses and formulate a personal training programme that meets your specific goals, training experience and lifestyle. All you need to do is show up and work hard – we’ll do the rest.

We use methods which actually work sustainably, based on your current nutrition habits, preferences and lifestyle. After completing a 3-day food diary, your trainer will then discuss which areas can be improved. Together, we will help you to replace bad habits with better habits, specific to your individual needs, wants and lifestyle.

We never lose focus of why you started working with us. Helping you to monitor your habits and key outcome goals help to ensure that we get the results you want as efficiently as possible.

Our guidance and support extend beyond the gym. Whether that be updating you with the latest evidence or helping you adhere to your new habits, we will give you the motivation and accountability you need to become the best version of YOU.

Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep, Stress and Mindset are what we call The Five Pillars of lifestyle medicine. If you are trying to improve either your body composition, health or performance then you must be aware of all five pillars. As they interlink with each other, our Edinburgh personal training programme can help you to understand how they influence your goals and help you to improve each one, each week.